How easy is it really to sell a home?

It looks easy.    You have a well cared for home,  it is located in a great neighbourhood,  and many of your friends have told you that they would be interested in buying it if you ever want to sell.   It is surprising that when you are ready and approach them with this opportunity,  the timing just isn't just right for them. 

So now what do you do.   Well,  what about listing it on a website?   Surely others will find your home just as appealing,  or will they?   Most often they will compare your home to many others,  and guess what,  the others will either have more to offer in features that may seem more important to the buyer than you may realize. or they will be very curious as to why you are even selling such a wonderful property.

In the real world of selling real estate,  I know that finding the right buyer for your home can sometimes be  a challenge,  it is not easy selling from a website alone,  there is the comparisons to make,  trust, and also the motivation and needs of the buyers are all different and do you really want strangers walking into your private space just to satisfy their curiosity?

An experienced  Realtor will sort through all the unqualified buyers and only bring people who will buy the right home once they see it.   Also the negotiating can be very nerve racking,   try not to lose your temper or your mind.   I have many times had this happen to me,  but I realized that a calm and cool thought process always will work in your favor.  

Real estate is more of a people business than many people stop to realize.  It is psychological and you need nerves of steel to deal with the many different traits that people have.  

Even with the crazy low prices offered at garage sales,  people still want it cheaper don't they?   You give in anyway,  because you really just want to get rid of it,   but will you do that to your home?   I doubt it.

Tony Scarpelli

Tony Scarpelli

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