Winter Safety

Please use extra caution this month - January is shaping up to be a weather challenge.  If you are showing your house please maintain your walkways and driveways with salt or sand to ensure potential buyers will be safe on your property.  When visiting a property note the amount of snow on a roof and the icicles hanging from the roof.  This will be a good indicationof heat loss through the roof. Note where the snow is put and any challenges to snow removal. 

Winter is also a good time to go through closets and drawers, clean up the basement to ready your house for a spring sale.  Take old blankets and towels to your local shelter/SPCA, they can always use them.  Take your old clothes or household items to a local thrift store, shelter, Goodwill or Salvation Army.  Local women's shelters sometimes can list any items you have for the house and give to women about to go out on there own.  They can arrange to pick up items if they know they can have a set of dishes or table or whatever is available for them to set up their new home. Put your items on your facebook page - maybe your friends or family may have use for your gently used items. Take your books to a local used book store - you can usually get a few dollars for your paperbacks and movies.  There are all kinds of things to do even if it is just one room a week and then your house is ready to stage and sell!  Enjoy your time inside now so you will have time to enjoy outside when it is warm out!


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