Bye Bye, Snail Mail!

So Canada Post recently released a statement saying that they plan to phase out urban mail delivery within the next 5 years!  Well how do you like that?  There's something still kind of exciting about waiting for the mail carrier to come and see what they bring.  Especially around this time of year! 

Some would argue that all the receive in the mail are bills and rarely use the postal service.  Others, like those of us who run our own businesses, use it quite frequently, to send and receive.  What about reducing delivery to only 2 times a week?  What about implementing newer technologies to sort the mail?  It's a shame that over 6000 employees will "retire" in order to make this happen! 

I see no issue with walking to a community mail box, in the summer!!!  But I still love waiting to see what the mail carrier will bring, I like saying hi, and I like watching my dog go crazy when they come.  I say, take the time at least once a month, sit down and write some letters.  No computers or smartphones or tablets, just you, a pen, and paper!  Trust me, you'll feel good for doing it, and the person receiving it will be happy too!

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