Characteristics of a Good Realtor

When we asked our clients “What makes a good Realtor®”, they came up with 14 characteristics that make up a good Real Estate Professional. Take a moment to see if you feel the same way. Personally, I work very hard to meet every single one of those expectations.


As a good Realtor I work very hard to develop expertise on many levels. Not only do I strive to be an expert about an area that I work in, I also expand my understanding about home structure, building process and interior finishes. Then there is the obvious: I continue my education on an ongoing basis and develop exceptional negotiation skills, to serve my client's needs better. 

Specific Market Knowledge

You may not realize that buying a home involves quite a bit more than just signing on the dotted line. My clients are quite happy when I provide tips on renovations and supply them with information on making connections to local contractors, landscapers, mortgage brokers and cleaning services. It helps them to achieve a smooth transition into their new neighbourhood and new environment. 

Good Listener

The ability to "read between the lines" and to truly listen to what the client is saying, are important attributes that I acquired during my years in real estate industry. My communication skills are one of the most important assets that I can offer my clients and customers. 

Good Negotiator

Many people do not feel they can negotiate on their own. The access to the internet allows them do their research and be very well informed about the current home market, prices and locations, but they still feel that the Real Estate Professional is the best person to get them the best deal. 


I know well that buying or selling can be an emotional experience. My Clients and customers want someone who will give them the time to adapt. In both the buying and selling situations, clients struggle with conflicting feelings and experience second thoughts. Many people associate the real estate transaction with being pressured to settle on a location or finalize a deal. I know, because there was a time I felt the same way, when I was on the other side of the table. Since then I promised myself that my clients will never feel the same way about the way that I handle transactions.  


One of the highly valued attributes of a Good Realtor is the attention to detail. At a time when sellers or buyers are trying to work through all the aspects of the home sale or purchase, a good Realtor makes sure all the small and large issues get the proper attention and nothing falls through the cracks. Personally I think that I have a tendency to overdo it with the details a bit, but that means that all my "i's" are dotted and my "t's" crossed. And my Clients are settled into their new environment smoothly and without a glitch. 


We all know that ideas and specifications may change when a Client goes through the buying process, and they want a professional who can adapt to those changes, as it is needed. Simply because of that I MUST be able to accommodate the changing needs of my clients, after all THEY are the ones who know best what their families need. 


I know that giving the magnitude of the real estate transaction, clients want to be assured of certain things. That beyond truly listening to them, I will respond in a timely manner to any inquiries, in any form, that I will take time to make sure that all their real estate related needs are met. And after all is said and done… I will still remember them, years later.  


My goal is to make sure that in the Hot Market your property will stand out of the crowd, and that in the Slower Market, I will do all that needs to be done to emphasize the advantages of your property. I understand that a good Realtor will work hard to promote the property or alternatively allocates enough time to find the right property for the client to purchase. 

Networked Representative

To fulfill the needs of the client I need to stay well connected and always have current market information. Not only my Networking skills and the ability to communicate with other agents in the Board, MUST be exceptional, I also need to have connections in the wide range of related fields like house financing, repairs and renovations, landscaping, paving, interior decorating and the like.  


According to consumer's reports, Realtors rank 5.38 out of 10 on the scale of Trustworthiness. We are lower than Bank Managers and higher than Insurance Agents. My goal always has been to change that perception.  

You see… Trust opens doors and lets you in. It is never gained by words; it is always gained by actions. I won't waste your time with promises I can't keep, I will not give advice that is not mine to give. I will show you homes that you want to see and not those I think would be better for you. I have no right to decide that.

My job is to provide a balanced view of the current market situation, all the pros and cons of the home you consider buying and to guide you through the process. Not just paint a pretty picture for you. That's just a waste of time, yours and mine.

You see no house is ideal and perfect, there will always be something that will need to be changed, most people understand that, if you don't it is my job to point out any flaws, so you can make a well informed decision about what you spend your hard earned money on.

I don't want to sell you just any home. I want to sell you a home right for you. I will do all I can, to gain your trust.


Passion for what you do, translates into a job done well. I became a Real Estate Sales Representative because the housing market and everything about it always fascinated me. My excitement about what I do is infectious. I truly enjoy the challenges that my profession offers and look forward to every new opportunity to guide my client or customer through the process of home selling… or buying. Now, are you as excited about it as I am? 

Helpful Professional

Why do you hire a Realtor? Real Estate transactions are complicated enough to seek the guidance of the professional to get you through the process safe and sound. There is a big difference between being helpful and intrusive. Being helpful in my book, means to offer useful insights when it is appropriate. You don't want to be smothered with irrelevant information. 

Hungry Realtors

Common perception may be that only inexperienced Realtors can be "Hungry". A bit of contradiction here, when you consider that clients also want someone experienced. The truth is that you want a Realtor experienced enough, eager and ambitious at the same time. You don't want someone that will be so set in their ways, to not be able to adapt to the situation at hand. Or someone that feels he/she knows all there is to know about selling homes, and that there is no room for improvement.


Why am I hungry? You have no idea how much effort, time and money it took to get here. Did you know that we go back to school every two years, to keep up with legislative changes and updates? Imagine studying for exams while running a business. By working hard and being ambitious I'm not proving anything to anyone, but I am proving certain things to myself. It is my goal to be a good Realtor.

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