Closing Costs to Purchase A Home


Not all "closing costs" are costs. Some items which are considered closing costs are simply adjustments to the purchase price. Examples include taxes and interest. On the other hand, certain items may not be included in the calculation of "closing costs" as they are not paid through the lawyer, yet they are actual costs. Examples include mortgage default insurance, mortgage appraisal fees or fire insurance premiums. Here is a list of costs to consider. For more information, terms and costs visit: Purchase of a Property. 


These items are costs which the purchaser of a house must pay. As a convenience for the purchaser, the lawyer typically pays these and then recovers them from the purchaser.

A. Transfer Tax
B. Registration Costs
C. Survey Certificate
D. Zoning Memorandum
E. Title Insurance.

F. Tax Certification
G. Couriers
H. Title Searches, etc.
I. Miscellaneous


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