For Military Relocations - Career Manager says we're posted - what do we do now?


Don't panic! There’s lots you can do to get prepared for your new posting when there’s just a rumour you're on the move.

 Where do I start?

Do you need to sell your current home first? Short answer...yes...Brookfield (the relocation company that serves the federal government for military transfers) is aiming for a door to door move and that cannot happen until your current residence is sold. All things begin once your home is sold....HHT (house-hunting trip) is purchase a home in your new location...move is planned & booked etc, etc. Aside from that, and more importantly – you need to know, without a doubt what equity you are bringing to your new posting. I know you need a posting message before you can list your home....but a Realtor® can provide a net work-sheet so you will be armed with the information you need to make an educated choice. They also will help you prepare your home for sale and some of us need a little time for that....

No home to sell first? Better yet...your first step is to contact a mortgage broker at home or in your new community to begin the steps of pre-approval for mortgage financing. Then the fun on....

Listen, I have been a military spouse for nearly 25 years. As you can imagine, I am married to Mr. Organized. Mr. Prepare as much in advance as is humanly possible to avoid any surprises. He kinda likes playing by the rules too....sound familiar? Well, as soon as a hint of a posting is in the offing, we are online, researching our new location, looking for houses etc....I know you are too, so let’s make the next step a little more a Realtor® in your new community and have them prepare you for what to expect on your HHT. Let them discover what is important to you regarding housing, neighbourhoods, kid’s schools, hobbies, sports, continuing education. An experienced Realtor® will complete a very detailed ‘needs assessment’ survey to best understand your needs, all in an effort to better serve you. They will also prepare you for what to expect in your new community. Every market across Canada is different, the real estate laws, the local why not educate yourself before you even have your posting message – save the stress for your HHT (don’t worry, we’ll cover that too).


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