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The front of the line tends to be a sought after place to be. As a realtor I do a lot of driving. I’ve observed that a lot Winnipeg drivers want to be at the front of the line. As a traffic light turns red drivers will often change lanes quickly to get to front of the line.  How is the Real Estate world at the front of the line?  Century 21 strives for this in their website.  Have you checked out lately?  It is a safe bet to say that the Winnipeg Real Estate Market is a leader in the Canadian housing market. The selling price of homes here continues to make steady increases.  At Gerry Carriere & Associates we strive to be at the front of the line in our customer service. Let us as Real Estate professionals work with you in the listing of your home for sale so that you too may benefit from this high sales market. After all we do understand that it is not only drivers that like to be at the front of a line.
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Tracey Anderson

Tracey Anderson

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