Google or Goggle? That, is the question!

While walking through Osbourne, in a beautifully tree-lined area of the neighbourhood, I came across a sign that caught my eye. At first I wasn't sure what had caught my attention, I've seen the message on more than a few church billboards. After re-inspection I noticed a typo. I'm sure that there aren't any questions goggles can answer but its funny how the mind works, I read it as google the first couple of times. After considering this I looked it up (ironically on google) and it turns out most people will read any combination of the right letters as the correct word in the context of the sentence, as long as the word is still shaped the same. For example: My cat jumped over the fence last night and, My cot jwmped iver the fince last night. To most canadians, and in fact most people in the world, both sentences read the same at a glance or in the middle of a paragraph. The word backward spelled drawkcab looks the same to our eyes even though it is completely reversed. This is, according to many scientists, because our optic receptors look for almost exclusively the peaks and dips in a word rather than the actual letters themselves. Granted, this is not the case for everyone, but it is still an interesting thing to think about; the mind works in mysterious ways. How mysterious is your mind?

They fixed the sign less than a week later...

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