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Not sure whether I should call it a restaurant, a diner, or just an awesome experience that happened to include food! I was having lunch for the first time at the Red Top on St. Mary's Rd. while showing my new assistant around the lovely area of St. Boniface when I was served what was likely the best plate of chili fries that I have ever had! The service was just as great as the chips and chili and the atmosphere was like a friendly family reunion: everyone was laughing and having a good time, whether they came on their own and were talking with the staff or if they came with friends or family. The sound of cheerful children filled the room, but not at a rediculous volume, while the servers hurriedly checked on their patrons and made sure their glasses were never empty. Though our goal was lunch, we felt we had left with an experience more like that of a fun gathering of friends and family. I definitely recommend at least one visit if you've never been. The food is great, the people are friendly and the place doesn't get to crowded with its avant garde layout and design.

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