Is this an office or a storage room?

Really People? You’re trying to sell this know that in your lifetime that room has been a gym, office, guest room etc... don’t leave it to the buyers imagination!

Always dress the room for it intended purpose. If the room meets the ‘code requirements’ for a bedroom...beg, borrow or shuffle your own furniture to make it look like a place you’d be happy to rest your head. Clean linens (matching would be nice), side table with a lamp & books, reduce by half what’s in the closet to show how much space is in there, a dresser – if there’s space. No fussy window coverings – clean and clean the windows too!

Just a side note...if the room is really small...don’t squeeze a king size bed in there! Nobody wants to imagine standing in the doorway and jumping into bed! When buyers enter a room, there needs to be ample space to walk around. No-one feels comfortable when they are cramped into a corner as they walk around furniture trying to scope the place out. Really small bedroom? Dress it as a nursery. Sort of small bedroom? Single bed & a small dresser or side table. Really big bedroom – why not separate it into two or more distinct areas, big bed & end tables plus separate dressing area or reading area....use your the buyers don’t have to use theirs!

Bathrooms – we all know that these rooms are utilitarian...but they don’t have to be when you are enticing a buyer. Think spa! Break out the fancy guest towels & pretty soaps. Put away your personal items...especially under the sink....buyers will look there...supposedly to check for leaky plumbing but they are really checking out your stuff! Sparkling Clean!

Storage rooms are important too! Look friends, there’s no use denying it...we all have way too much stuff. Storage areas are vital to all buyers. Whether you have a storage closet or a whole room-show it off! If you don’t have any, purchase some inexpensive shelving units and storage bins. While you are de-cluttering the rest of the house...fill those bins...and stack neatly on the shelves and viola instant appeal! Same goes for your shelves & bins...neat & off that space!

Security note! Please, please, please...put away your jewelry...prescription meds...electronic your guns properly...In all the years I have been a REALTOR®® I have never had anything stolen from one of my listings but why tempt fate...I know its common sense but sometimes as a home-owner, you walk past that jewelry chest 100 times and you just don’t see it anymore...but others do...don’t take a chance on losing something important to you.

Tracey Anderson – REALTOR® 14+ years, Mother of three and a Military Spouse for 20 +years, Tracey is willing to share her unique take on home sales, purchase or investing. She has developed 'success strategies' for each step of the buying/selling process. Connect with Tracey: or

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