Real Estate Investing

Getting into real estate investing allows you to move from talking about building wealth and being active in achieving it. If you have already active in this type of investing then ‘well done’ you are well ahead of the game.

What else can you buy using leverage (other people's money - namely, the bank's) and have the people who live in it pay for it all the while you get to own it?

Many believe that being a landlord is a negative thing and it is this thought that causes people to shy away from real estate investing. What are some of the worst possible things that could go wrong? There could be a leaky faucet or a fire. Either of these things would be bad news. The good news is that you would have insurance coverage.

Remember you get to screen all possible tenants by speaking to their employer, past landlords and such. You can also request a copy of the most recent paystub. This will help you to get a tenant you believe will be responsible.

Residential real estate investing is just not that scary. Really, it isn’t.

Think of the wealthiest people you know, do any of them own real estate? If the answer is yet, contact us and we can chat more about this topic.

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