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At the end of January the Winnipeg Public Service recommended a new bylaw of a zoning memorandum be put into effect to ensure compliance of zoning bylaws.


What is a zoning memorandum? “zoning memorandum” means a document issued by the Director that contains a statement about whether the size and location of the buildings and other structures on a residential property, as shown on a building location certificate submitted as part of an application, constitute a contravention of the Winnipeg Zoning By-law or the Downtown Winnipeg Zoning By-law.


Who does it affect?  Homebuyers of existing housing would be required to obtain the memorandum within 60 days of the date of registration of title in the Winnipeg Land Titles office unless the seller had obtained one within a year of that date.


What will be benefits be?

• Improve the City’s ability to ensure that development is carried out in an orderly and safe manner, consistent with zoning by-laws and policies by allowing the City to identify and deal with points of non-compliance with the City’s zoning and building by-laws;

• Inform purchasers of actual violations of the zoning by-law that they will be responsible for after their purchase;

• Inform purchasers of construction that may have taken place without approvals;

• Ensure the City’s survey infrastructure is maintained through more frequent surveys.

How much will it cost? The proposed costs are $180.00 for a Zoning Memorandum for existing housing and a fee of $100.00 for new homes. This will be in addition to the current cost of approximately $425 for the actual survey. There will also be monetary penalties for non-compliance.


When will it come into effect? Initially the requested effective date was March 29, 2010. However, being that this proposal presented at the February 2nd Council Meeting was tabled, it is expected that the start date may be later.


Where did this information come from?


What is our take on this matter? Maintaining the integrity of properties is very important. It is unclear how much time the process of obtaining a zoning memorandum will take so if you are considering selling your house in the next year to begin the process as soon as it takes effect.


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