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Preparing your Home for Sale - Should I paint?

The short answer is yes...always...imagine you are going to a garage sale and you spy a little table that might be perfect for your place. Seems solid, price $10...reasonable...filthy, scratched, cup rings on the you offer the owner $10 or less...if you’re anything like me you’d offer much less or even leave it behind. Same scenario...same table except the owner has polished it to a shine....removed the cup rings...buffed out most of the scratches...price tag $15...what would you do? I'd probably still offer a bit less....but I'd be willing to pay closer to asking price if I didn’t have to do any work except get it home.

The same logic applies when you are preparing your home for sale. From the minute buyers step on your property they are looking for excuses to negotiate your price....down....don’t give them the opportunity. Start in your driveway or front walk & view every nook & cranny with the eyes of a buyer...clean, de-clutter, repair. Offer potential buyers the chance to move in and do nothing but hang their family photos. Your efforts will pay off where it counts....your bank account!

If it all seems overwhelming then just call...with over 14 years in the real estate business, I have heard all the excuses for not preparing your home properly for sale. Cleaning, organizing & a little painting are the least expensive tasks you can do that will guarantee you get more money in your pocket. Most buyers in Winnipeg today have ample mortgage budget to use in purchasing a home but not much cash on hand for repairs. Time & time again, using some simple home preparation techniques & a little staging (using their own furnishings), we have been able to assist our sellers is garnering multiple offers on their homes & selling for above list price. Of course, preparing your home properly is one step in the home selling process but it’s something you can do directly to influence the sale price. So break out the cleaning supplies & paint brushes...roll up your sleeves & get to work!

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