Tracey's Top 10 Reasons Buyers say NO!


Buyer's are just itching to cross houses off their list. A simple way to avoid that is...don't make the buyer's 'honey-do' list any longer...

  1. Honey, we'll have to ... paint the whole house....
  2. Honey, we'll have to ... get a house-cleaner before we even move in....
  3. Honey, we'll have to ... buy new shelves...there's no place for the camping gear...
  4. Honey, we'll have to ... replace the carpets/flooring to get rid of the pet/smoking smell...
  5. Honey, we'll have to ... re-shingle the roof, replace the furnace, finish the basement
  6. Honey where will we put the ... trailer?
  7. Honey where will we put the ... patio set, trampoline, swing set, sand box?
  8. Honey where will we put the ... office, craft room, baby?
  9. Honey where will we put the ... our family photos, tv, whatevers?
  10. Honey where will we put the ... christmas decorations etc

If you spend some prep time answering all these questions before the buyer even steps into your house you will eliminate the top 10 reasons for them to say NO!

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