What Is A Frontage Levy?

A frontage levy is an amount you will be taxed based on the frontage of you lot. ”Currently, the tax is calculated based on the extent to which a property fronts or abuts a street in which water mains or sewer mains have been placed (i.e. linear frontage measurement). The revenue collected is used for the upgrading, repair, replacement and maintenance of City streets and sidewalks.”

According to Winnipeg’s 311 website the following is how you would calculate the levy:

“Currently, the uniform rates are: (i) $.95 per frontage foot applicable to all properties fronting on a street in which water mains have been placed, and; (ii) $2.80 per frontage foot applicable to all properties fronting on a street in which sewer mains have been placed. For eligible properties, their linear frontage measurement (linear feet) is multiplied by the combined uniform rate of $3.75 to derive the frontage levy for that property.”

Can you appeal the frontage levy? No, the there is no provision in the City of Winnipeg Charter that allows for the appeal of the frontage levy.

The city said it was going to not raise property tax, but the frontage levy seems like an increase does it not? With the money the city gets for the frontage levy, I hope to see the shifting and cracked sidewalks repaired in our area! Only time will tell what the politicians will do with the 13 million the city expects to collect for the frontage levy. Anyone else feel they are being ripped off by the provincial and federal governments? First they say they are not raising the property tax and next thing you know they are charging an extra 13 million to home owners on their property tax bill.

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