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Good Morning everyone!!  I have always thought about blogging. I think its a great way to share information so here we go!  Bare with me this is my first one. 

I have been a full time realtor for over 8 years now. One of my favourite parts of my job is first time buyers.  They are the most excited and I love it - love it!

Its a big step and Its a good step towards financial stability. I enjoy helping them make it and making sure they are well protected and buying a good investment. - Nothing beats the excitment on the first time buyers face and the hugs I usually get!

My advice to all the first time buyers is find a realtor you're comfortable with and let them guide you. Hopefully that Realtor is me. : )

Buying real estate has a lot of complex details that a professional real estate sales representative can help you with. There is a lot to real estate purchase that many don't realize. Being able to google on line doesn't make anyone a professional! 

Buying typically cost you NOTHING.. unless it's a private sale. Then it still doesn't usually cost you.  

The private sale...most people selling on their own are trying to help themselves by saving themselves money, Or they are hiding something and a licensed sales representative would have to disclose. (home owners selling their home are not held to the same standard of ethics as sales representatives)  lets be honest. they don’t care about you. they don’t even know you! Please don’t make that mistake and pay too much for a house in a place you will have a tough time re selling in with damage you didn't know to look for. I’ve seen it before....

questions first time buyers typically ask me;

Does it cost to use a realtor?  


Do I have to call the listing agents myself and set up appointments?

No, we do EVERYTHING for you. Put your feet up and get excited about moving!

We will call all the other realtors, we will set the appointments, we will meet you there and walk you through the house, we will point out any concerns we see, we will tell you about the neighbourhood, we will tell you what houses have listed and sold for in the area, we will keep this easy and stress free... we also know about all amazing deals the moment it hits the board and before the public see's it. so if you don't have a realtor working for you the person who does will most likely get the home before you even knew about it.

What about financing?

There are lots of options out there about financing. banks, mortgage brokers rates and fee's vary. There is more to a mortgage than the rate. Ask me & I will explain in more detail.

It cost nothing to find out if you qualify for a mortgage either so if you are ready for that next step, call around Or ask your favourite realtor who they recommend. We work with numerous mortgage lenders all the time.

first time buyer bonus!!

if you qualify ...

Read on: Refunds for first-time homebuyers – Land Transfer Tax  

you get a rebate on the land transfer tax we all pay when we buy a house. However when its your first time the government will give it back to you up to 2000.00!!  wooohoo!!

A few facts for the first timers...

with buying you usually need 5% down. This gets you the best and current rates. Yes you can get 100% down if you need it. Your interest rate is higher but it helps get you in the door to yor own house ..if you need it.

Location, location, location is corny. I totally agree but its true!!  people buy the location first and the house second. Its your first home. Its also an investment. make sure it increases the way you want it to in value and that it can be sold if you need it too!!

If you have questions feel free to call me, text me or email me!


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