Glorious Wonderful Spring

March 20 marks the spring equinox, the official first day of spring. Spring, glorious wonderful spring, has officially arrived, and we are all huddled up in mitts and scarf, with hopes of warm spring days ahead. 

Time to start getting that spring cleaning done getting homes spruced up. We are hoping to make that job easier with this 30 day cleaning plan thanks to Home Made Simple.

• Day 1: List making. walk around your entire home, look in every closet and drawer and note anything else you want to tackle this spring.
• Day 2: Ceiling fans. Dust ceiling fans and do a quick sweep of any debris that falls to the floor. Tip: While you’ve got the ladder out, replace batteries in smoke detectors.
• Day 3: Windows. Clean the inside and outside of all windows.
• Day 4: Baseboards. Using a bucket of warm soapy water and a dust rag, wipe down all baseboards and trim work in your home.
• Day 5: Attic. Organize your attic. Throw out or donate anything you don’t need. Group like items in easy-to-reach spots.
• Day 6: Basement. Declutter the basement.
• Day 7: Your closet and drawers. Tackle closets and drawers in your bedroom. Donate or sell what you no longer wear. Unpack summer clothes and store away winter apparel.
• Day 8: Other closets. Organize baby clothes, and ask kids to organize their closets and drawers.
• Day 9: Linen closet. Tidy up the linen closet. Fold all extra sheets and towels. Get rid of expired medications and toiletries.
• Day 10: Pantry. Clean out the pantry. Throw out anything expired and group all similar food items together.
• Day 11: Refrigerator. Clean out the fridge and freezer. Empty them completely and throw out old food. Wipe down shelves and drawers with soapy water and let dry before putting everything back.
• Day 12: Washer and dryer. Give your washer a fresh start with washing machine cleaner. Clean out the dryer and make sure the lint trap is free of all debris.
• Day 13: Bedding. Wash all bedding. Be sure to include pillows and comforters.
• Day 14: Window treatments. Wash and/or steam clean all curtains. Wipe down blinds with a wet cloth.
• Day 15: Winter clothes. Launder all winter coats, hats and gloves (or take them to the dry cleaners). Store them away for next year.
• Day 16: Frames. Wipe down picture frames and artwork.
• Day 17: Furniture. Dust all furniture in your home. Clean off electronics and mirrors.
• Day 18: Chairs. Wash slipcovers and steam clean couches and chairs if possible.
• Day 19: Flatware. Polish flatware.
• Day 20: Countertops. Wipe down countertops and cabinets in the kitchen.
• Day 21: Bathroom. Clean bathroom vanities, sinks, toilets, tubs and showers.
• Day 22: Floors. Vacuum hardwood floors, carpets and area rugs and bleach grout on bathroom and kitchen floors.
• Day 23: Carpets and rugs. Steam clean carpet and area rugs.
• Day 24: Hardwood floors. Mop and shine hardwood floors.
• Day 25: Patio furniture. Wipe down patio furniture and set it up.
• Day 26: Grill. Set up and clean off outdoor grill. Fill up on propane, or charcoal and lighter fluid.
• Day 27: Toys. Clean all toys.
• Day 28: Leaves. Rake any leaves leftover from the fall.
• Day 29: Lawn. Mow the lawn.
• Day 30: Loose ends. Go back over the notes you made on Day 1 and make sure you didn’t forget anything. Then enjoy your nice clean home!

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