Sun orientation of a property


Whether it’s for a waterfront, golf, or mountain property, it’s very important to analyse the sun orientation so it correspond to your lifestyle. Let me explain:

If you’re an early bird and you like to have breakfast with the sun in your kitchen or that warms up your balcony, an East orientation is the best for you. You will enjoy the sun immediately at sunrise.

If you prefer the end of day sun rays in your dining room or waterfront dock, then a West orientation is for you. Some also say that you have less mosquitos being facing West since the dominant wind is West to East, especially being waterfront.

For those who wish minimum exterior maintenance, a North facing property will be less exposed to the sun therefore less damaged over the years. A North oriented property will also be cooler in the summer since the sun is more South and West.

In my concern, I love sunsets and wish to have the maximum amount of sun hours on my dock, therefore a South-West orientation offer me this. The sun warms up the interior of the house very nicely, and we can enjoy sun starting at 10am all the way to sunset.

It’s obvious that finding the ideal property at the right price, also with the ideal sun orientation is a true challenge, that is why working with a realtor that knows the market and the region inside out will save you a lot of time, and will help you truly find the property that you will like the most.


It would be my please to help you find your ideal property in the Laurentians.

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