Which matters more: Lot size or waterfront?


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Which Matters More? Lot Size or Waterfront?

The features of a waterfront property can vary widely. Buyers need to take into account the size of the lot, the shape, the land and access features – among other things. But a key measure in establishing waterfront value is how much waterfrontage the lot has.

In fact, when evaluating the value of a waterfront lot, in most cases, the linear waterfrontage – the number of feet along the lake or river – is even more important than lot size. For example a 1.5 acre lot with 300 feet linear waterfrontage is often likely to be valued as being worth more than a 3 acre lot with only 100 feet of linear frontage – a lot twice the size but with much less waterfront. When shopping for a perfect waterfront lot, take into consideration this fact as it is the most important variable when it comes to long term value and also preserving your experience on the water. Unless the lot is pie shaped, the linear frontage also often follows the same dimensions as the overall lot width.

Certainly, a wider lot that permits for the implementation of your home will offer you more privacy from the neighbors to either side of you. As well, the longer the linear waterfrontage, the more option you have with respect to where you install your dock and/or boat on the water. Be sure to walk the span of the linear waterfrontage and study the quality of the base of the lake. A sand, gradual entrance is convenient for younger children to access the lake and feels great on the feet!!

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