Busy, Busy, Busy

Well my days are the busiest I have ever seen them. The word must be out that I am one great Realtor because my phone won't stop ringing. I am not bragging (well maybe a little) but it is nice to know that when the market takes a bit of a turn and others are having trouble getting clients I am doing better then ever. This may sound mean but I have had to work very hard to make it known that I not only love Real Estate I am good at the business. I just double ended an offer and had both clients commend me on a job well done. In fact the seller said some of the nicest things I have heard yet in my career; and the beautiful part was that he said it not because he was overjoyed about the price he received but because he was genuinely happy to have worked with me. He said it was nice to work with a Realtor who is smart, hard working, and ethical. Well that is what my job is all about and it is super nice to get a gleaming accolade as so many people only give out negatives. What could be nicer to hear then "I respect you for the great job you did and I you are my Realtor for life." It was a good day :-)

I know this sounds a bit "toot your own horn" but really who does not like to know that they made a difference and in my line of work that means a lot. I was able to help out 2 families in one go. The buyers are overjoyed and the sellers are able to move on to other areas of interest. Good for them both.

(p.s. Things can be strange in this job too. For example while I was on the phone with the seller telling them that I had an offer coming in at 9pm I heard someone pushing paper through the mail box here at the office....It was another offer on the same place! Just showed up no warning....crazy!)

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