Condo/Townhome Owners and Sellers,

Did you know that your REALTOR is typically responsible for ordering the strata forms necessary to sell your home? Did you know that depending on how much time is required to get these forms the bill can be as high as $500? Typically speaking the cost for a 7 (business) day turn around is around $100. However if there is an offer on the table and time is of the essence the bill can be MUCH higher...these form are paid for prior to the listing being sold so if the deal does not come together or if your agent has ordered these form to assist in listing the home with all the pertinent info and you decide to take the home off the market the agent is out of pocket this money.

I know this is not your problem and really I am only writing you to let you know that your strata management company is using you as a cash grab. Did you know that they were charging so much many for photocopies or emails?

As a condo/townhome buyer wouldn't you be frustrated to know that they are taking seven days to send an email with the info you need to buy your new home? As a seller doesn't that frustrate you to know that you could have had your subjects off and secured your sale several days earlier? It would bother me...and as a strata owner myself it does bother me! Lets also remember that other professionals are waiting on these documents: Lawyers, insurance companies, mortgage brokers, bankers, etc.

Yes the argument could be made that the REALTOR could simply spend the several hundred dollars to expedite the order but honestly is that the best use of their money? The argument could also be made that as the home owner or buyer the cost could fall on you for the collection of the info as it is for you at the end of the day...or the argument could be made (and this is the one I am siding with) that the strata management companies could reduce their prices to a more reasonable amount.

It is very frustrating when I order documents on April 1st and I receive them on April 9th and they are DATED APRIL 1ST!! Meaning they were put together quickly and then just set aside to be sent 7 days later to justify the 'rush' and 'hot' charges! Terrible! Shame on you Strata Management companies....imagine if pharmacists did that! Pay through the nose now and get the medicine you need or wait X number of days and save some money....My rant is over but my frustration persists....have a look at the charge sheet attached and tell me that is justifiable...again these documents are scanned into the system after a strata meeting and are their to be called upon with a mouse click or two...I now...I am a strata President myself and I have spoken with enough strata manager reps to know how this all works....grrrrr. OH YA....there is more...They only take CASH OR CHEQUE!! they wont even do you the courtesy of paying with a credit card or debit card!! (guess I had a bit more rant in my;-)

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