How to own 350 acres of lake side property for under 100k!


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Have you ever wanted to own your own piece of Heaven? Okay how about just your own piece of pristine, untouched lakefront property? Well here is your opportunity to make that dream a reality and to do it for under 100k! I am sitting on one of the most exciting listings I have ever held as a REALTOR. 1 acre and larger lakefront parcels of land on the Arrow Lakes! Now one acre of land is certainly nothing to scoff at but can you imagine if this one acre came with the bonus of the shared use of roughly 350 back country acres!!! That’s right! Here it is. You buy one acre of lake-frontage and included is a shared interest in close to 350 acres of woods, lakefront, and mountainous terrain! I’m not talking shared as in you and 300 others either. I’m talking about you and around 20 other owners! This land has 19 exclusive use lake shore lots all with a share in the remaining land. Here is your opportunity to set up your family camp spot and start building memories for years to come. Or to set up your hunting camp, fishing camp, ATV/Dirt bike camp...the options for recreation and relaxation are endless here. Oh and did I mention there is cell reception! thats right you get to be an hour from the nearest town by car and still have cell reception. You also get to be a 15 minute boat ride from the nearest little town if you have need for more supplies. These lots also come with a few days of professional excavation services so you can push a few rocks and trees around and make yourself at home. Also included is water hookup to the location of your choice on your lot. You also get a grey water drainage system and sani-dump services to help keep you living in comfortable camp style....and again all on the shores of the beautiful and boat friendly Arrow Lakes...oh and don't forget, all for under 100k!

What’s the catch is probably what you are thinking....Okay here it is. You can not build a ‘permanent’ house on the land. Wait a minute. Don't stop reading. You can move in a modular/mobile/trailer/bus/etc. of up to 960sqft and have that as home base. Lets think about this...if you are the sort who is looking for a nice outdoorsy sort of place...a place to have fun in the wilderness...a place to relax and ‘get away’ you really want someone building their monster dream house next door? Nope, you sure do not. This land is for the person who wants it to remain what it is supposed to be... natural... beautiful... go ahead and make it as comfortable as you want but just like things should be in nature, lets keep it easy and non-permanent. Now feel free to make it your own slice of heaven and make your fire pit, rock grill, wood storage area and all the fun little things you need. This is your land after all and you can make it look and feel however you want...just no permanent buildings is all.... ahhhhh.... cant you see yourself out on the water with a fish on your line...or up in the bush steps away from that deer....or laying in your hammock watching the eagles ride the breeze up above. Think of the fun the kids will have learning all about their natural surroundings...and if you need to call a friend for supplies don't forget you can use your cell phone!

“Hey I own 350 acres on the Arrow Lakes” is what your friends will hear...sounds pretty great to know what I think I will buy one myself....

I’m sure you have lots of questions. Feel free to send me an email or give me a call and ask away. Trever Florko. 250-859-5990

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