If a picture is worth 1000 words what is this one worth? Bad Real Estate Pictures

If a picture is worth 1000 words what is this one worth?  The answer is 299 words....lol

I don't know who to be more disappointed in? Should I be upset that an agent out there is passing this sort of picture off as the first pictures seen when you look at this home on MLS. Or should I be disappointed that the seller of this property has not even taken the 2 minutes to go online and view their own listing?!

This sort of thing really makes me mad...When I see things like this I get frustrated and think to myself "why does this agent not care about his job?" and "Why does this client not list with me?!...An agent who cares and takes pride in his job!" Lets face it we are dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars here! I wouldn't even put a bad picture online of the coffee maker I was selling online let alone a half million dollar house!!

I am also frustrated to think that this agent, who obviously doesn't care, gets paid virtually the SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY AS ME!!!! I mean come on....when the seller is paying probably nearly $15,000 in commission don't you owe them a job well done!?

Anyhow the way I see it is that the worse job the other Realtors do the better I look.... But the more frustrating it is for me to try to 'win back' the opinion of the seller who has had a bad experience with a Realtor but the happier they will be once I am working for them...

Sometimes I go on MLS just for the laughs....blurry pictures, dark pictures, the picture of the agents thumb, bad pictures from the agents phone or no pictures at all!.... next to my professional photos...HAHAHA.....please...at least try to make selling my listings hard;-)

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