Looking for a quick Fall/Winter house selling tip? Here is a quick and bright idea:

Take out all the compact florescent bulbs in your house and put in standard incandescent bulbs. Reason is that the compact florescent bulbs take a while to 'warm up' and by the time the bulb is at full brightness the buyers are out of the room and never see things nice and bright. This will make the rooms feel smaller then they are and this is particularly detrimental in the winter months when the days are short and dark. I often hear "This house feels cold' and the buyers are not referring to the temperature. Compact florescent bulbs tend to give off a cool light which buyers find off putting. Not to mention they are certainly not the best source of light to use for the photographs. Long and short get rid of the compact florescent bulbs, put in regular incandescent bulbs, replace any burned out bulbs and turn on all the lamps. The warmer and more inviting the home feels the longer the buyers will stay and the happier they will feel.... since buyers often make their decisions on which house to purchase by the feeling they get when they are in a house, lets make those buyers feel at home:-)

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