The Truth About Rutland, Kelowna, BC.

I received this message today..."We are looking for a 4 or 5 bedroom house with basement suit option .Price range can be from $ 400,000 to 500,000in good Kelowna location ( Not in Rutland )"

...I'm regularly amazed at the negative stigma Rutland has. It seems buyers opinions of the area are not very good most of the time...Truthfully Rutland IS a good area in Kelowna...true it has its problem spots but doesn't every area in every city? Doesn't the most expensive area still have that one street that is not quite as nice as the rest? ...It is really unfortunate that buyers do not capitalize on the positives Rutland has going for it...good schools, good parks, good shopping, good property values, good resale value, great yard sizes, good quality built homes, etc....

It is disappointing to me that I hear so many people, locals and transplants, saying negative things about Rutland... I have many friends who live in the area and they have families and they all get along very happily in Rutland and they like living there just fine. I have sold Rutland homes to many, many buyers over the years and I have yet to have anyone say anything other then 'thank you.'

The area of Rutland is far to big to be painted with one color....Come one your minds and look past what you have 'heard about the area' and do your own will see that Rutland is a nice, community based area of this city. I is one of the most culturally and economically diverse neighborhoods we have and it does not deserve to be treated like a ghetto.....

....a name change might be in order tho...I will agree to that much;-)

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