WOW ~ I Have One of the TOP Rated Websites in Canada within Century 21

Well isn't that neat! I just found out that I have one of the top rated websites in Canada within Century 21. I fall somewhere within the top 100 out of 0ver 7500 Century 21 Realtor websites in Canada. I received an email the other day that read as follows:

Hi Trever,
> Ed Kohler from here.
> I've noticed that your site within was one of the most
> popular in August. If you have a chance over the next day, could you
> reply with a couple points on what you're doing on that
> may be influencing your traffic numbers?
> Are you actively marketing your site? Have you put time into building
> out your bio? Use your blog?
> What about your listings? Are you doing anything special there?
> I hope you have time to help with this. I'll try to make it worth
> your time with some publicity during the conference in Ottawa.
> -Ed Kohler

I replyed:

> Hi Ed,
> First off I walk around all day long say "" it is so funny
> because in the office when people see me they say "".
> Other then that yes I am a very active user of my C21 Website. I
> have it full of great info about me, the market, and what I do. I
> have just started working on my blog as well. I also link my
> website to everything possible. Every one of my listings is
> marketed all over the web. Some of the places I market my listings
> are kijiji, castanet, craigslist, facebook marketplace, myspace,
> just to name a few. Within the listings I have
> in the first sentance of the description "to view 21 photoes visit
>" I guess you can imagin that if you have 10 listings
> and linked your web address to all ten in all of these sites that
> amounts to a few links and a few clicks. Who doesn't want to look
> at picture? I also re enter all the info on all my listings back
> into each of these sites every monday. That makes my adds appear
> multiple times and therefor so do the links. I have also purchased
> the google ad words "homes for sale in kelowna" and done so in a
> way that makes sure that if ever those words are searched I am on
> the first page...and of course this links to my website.
> I hope this helps. Don't give away too many of my secrets at the
> conference. I will say that using this marketing platform I am
> busier now then ever before. By the way is there any way to know
> how many clicks my website does get? I am not super computer savvy.
> PS having a handsome mug can also drive traffic to your site....HAHA.

Ed responded.

Awesome feedback. I really appreciate it.

Funny how doing a bit of marketing helps, eh? Great job.

For what it's worth, there were 683 unique visitors to your site last
month. Considering how you're going about marketing your site, the
average visitor is likely highly qualified since they're coming from
listing ads and targeted AdWords ads. Quality traffic.



What it means is that in one month I had nearly 700 DIFFERENT people visit my website (Unique means they were all different computers clicking on my website i.e. different ip addresses). So what this means to you is that if you list your property for sale with me it will get the maximum amount of exposure possible. Like I have told many of you and I say in my website "I believe in the power of internet advertising. It has been proven time and time again that to get maximum exposure for a listing, use of the internet is critical...It is very important to make your home stand out from the crowd. I will do my best to make that happen. Every property has its individual characteristics and strengths. I will capitalize on these and use them to the fullest potential."

In a nutshell if you list your home for sale with me it only stands to reason that it will sell. With my marketing program and a price the market will support it should be a cinch to get a sold sticker on your yard sign.

Trever Florko

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