Photo Wall: Never Fading Home Decoration

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Photo walls are depictions of memories and narrate a story with the help of amplified emotions. Not every home is incomplete without one but if you want to add a personal touch to your home photo wall is the simple and cost efficient compilation for your home.

Photowall can be either a compilation of photo frames of various sizes and shapes bound together on a wall or a collage of images from different important places, moments painted or drawn on a wall. Some people also consider to hang a large picture which is compiled with multiple images onto one frame.

Although making a photowall is not difficult as it seems but some of the four core essentials that make every photo wall stand out are;

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Inspiration: It can be anything as simple as your kids growing up, your first pet, how you met your life partner. Share all the little moments that depict an emotion or a feeling through visuals. Do not overcrowd keep the idea easy to understand. You can have multiple photowalls for different spaces.


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Plan of Action: Once you have the idea and the concept around it in mind plan everything especially what kind of frame. If needed create a plan of action by designing the placement and the size and shapes of the frames you decide to make the photo wall


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Templates: There are a lot of readymade photo wall templates available at affordable prices and various stores. If you are looking to customize your own wall always choose symmetry either go for all squares or rectangles. If you want to adopt the creative approach you can mix and match various kinds of frames circular frames are a nice addition.


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Personalise: Add family slangs to the photowall with the help of letter stencils. You could also hang letters, greeting cards, postcards which will connect everyone who views the photowall with the same personal connection you and your family have with this memory you have shared.

Tip: Pictures should be take professionals vintage pictures are a great addition but to depict the exact emotion taking professional help is the best approach.


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