Broker over Bank

Why use a Mortgage Broker and not go directly into a branch

to be approved ?

The simple answer is service and a non-biased advice. A Mortgage Broker has the same products and services you would receive at a branch and then some. The difference is that a broker will make sure you are getting the banks lowest rate automatically and you do not have to negotiate for it. A broker will also ensure you are in line for the best product that fits your needs. A Broker will also ensure you only submit the documentation necessary and not be chasing endless amounts of paper that is not needed. Lastly the biggest advantage to the consumer approaching a Broker compared to the bank is options. A broker can search many rates with a single hit affecting your beacon credit score. Chasing rates bank to bank will affect your beacon credit score each and every time you apply in a negative way. 


Trevor Landry

Trevor Landry

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