Is Your Home In "Move In" Condition ?

 When buyers view your home, they ask themselves whether they like it. Assuming that the answer is yes, they then try to determine how much work would be required before they could move in. Its not uncommon for a buyer to be interested in a property but be turned off by the perceived amount of work required. In fact, this can sometimes discourage a buyer from even making an offer.

 That's why ensuring your home is in as "move in" condition as possible is so advantageous. It will help sell your home faster and often, for a better price. So what defines "move in" condition. It means that there are no repairs or maintenance issues that need to be addressed immediately. Buyers can be discouraged by seemingly minor issues, such as a loose closet shelf or a lightly dripping shower head. So it's an advantage to the home owner to get those minor repairs done before showing your home.

 Buyers will also likely want to know the age of your furnace, water heater and other appliances, in order to anticipate when these will need to be repaired or replaced. If you have warranties which can be transferred on these items , be sure to let buyers know. A fresh coat of paint is one of the best investments you can make in preparing your home for sale. More than any other repair or renovation, a coat of paint can make just about any room look almost new and ready to move in.      

 A fresh cut lawn trimmed hedges can assist a buyer in visualizing themselves enjoying there potential new home. Buyers sometimes are worried about having to purchase new window coverings. If your window coverings will stay with the home, make that clear to buyers. Generally, the more you can do to make your home seem ready to move in, the better. 

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