Remove emotion when selling

Most real estate experts agree that being too emotionally attached to your home, its location and improvements can lead to poor decisions, such as over-pricing the listing and making hasty moves based on feelings rather than facts. Of course removing emotions from the home selling equation is easier said than done. It may have been your first home, Its been in the family for years, you have constantly upgraded the features and have done some massive improvements. This is a common theme regarding many sellers in the market today its only natural to be emotionally connected to your home or property. So how do you ensure that  emotions don't get in the way of selling your house quickly and for top dollar ?

Some strategies that could be implemented to assist you in dealing with this common issue are

  • Think of selling your property strictly as business transaction only. Focus your emotions onto the next step in your life remember the reasons why you choose to move on in the first place.
  • Store as many personal items as possible, such as trophies,personal belongings and family pictures. Turn your home into an attractive product.
  • If a buyer makes a negative comment about your property as hard as it can be " I hate this paint colour " - don't take it personally as the buyer is really saying "If I could paint this room it be perfect"
  • Avoid judging offers to buy your house based on whether you like or dis like the buyer and agent.

Finally, whenever you make a decision during the home selling process, ask yourself: "Am I making this decision based on fact or emotion ?" If the answer is "fact" then, chances are, you're on solid footing.

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