Are you a buyer who so overwhelmed by the home-buying process that you find yourself unable to move forward? If so you may suffer from buyer's paralysis. Luckily, this condition can be cured. here's how.

  • Make a 'needs versus wants' checklist and use it to measure how each property stacks up. Sometimes, it's the sheer amount of choice, or the thought of ending up in a home that's not right that leaves buyers stymied. A checklist helps narrow your focus and prevent you from purchasing a home that doesn't meet your needs.
  • Talk to a mortgage consultant. A home is a big financial commitment and that can leave some buyers feeling paralyzed, as they wonder if they can afford it. A mortgage consultant can give you an idea of what you can afford, tell you what you qualify to borrow and discuss borrowing options to find the best fit.
  • Let go of 'the one' idea. For some buyers, it's the idea that there's such as thing as the perfect home that causes them to miss out on a good thing. The reality is that no home is perfect; there will always be something about the property you wish you could change. The question is can you live with the imperfections?
  • Work with a real estate sales representative. The home buying process can be intimidating; team with a professional to have someone on your side who can explain each stage of the process and look out for your best interests.
Tricia Greer

Tricia Greer

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