Scents affect our psyche and we all know our mind effects how we perform so it is unfortunate that many places are now scent free. The power of smell is huge. The universe is at the tip of your nose. It impacts all of us all the time in many ways. Our reaction to different scents is usually subconscious, intense and immediate, influencing us enough to affect how we feel physically and mentally. It is extremely personal. You have a unique connection to a scent that you instantly associate with a person, place or time in your life.

There are also cultural associations with some scents. Roses are associated with romance and vanilla with comfort. Our grandmother's fragrance contained violets so we immediately have nostalgic memories. Just a whiff leads you down memory lane of playing dress-up and grandma's big hugs.

Scents have the phenominal pwer to unearth buried memories. The process is called "olfactorey-evoked nostalgia". In a recent study 84% of the subjests linked the smell of baked goods to childhood memories. Apple pie and violets conjure up happy memories. Other scents like lavender almost has a drug like reaction on the brain. It releases alpha waves in your brain helping you relax. Jasmine and peppermint are great before meetings since they make you fell alert. Floral scents are mood lifters and gardenias are said to inspire positive thoughts. Citrus scents such as lemons, oranges and grapefruit are mood boosters and make you feel energetic. Feeling tired - peppermint and spearmint will snap you out of your sleep deprived state.

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