There are many reasons you might be thinking of downsizing.

  • More time: Fewer rooms or smaller spaces will cut down on the time you spend cleaning and maintaining.
  • Lower utility costs: It costs less to heat/cool a smaller home. Less square footage decreases the amount of energy expended.
  • Less stuff: If there is no place to put it and store it, you will be less likely to buy and accumulate it.
  • Minimize stress: Less responsibility, small work load, smaller investment, added together all reduce stress.

Remember, moving isn't easy, it presents a significant change that while exciting and positive can be both physically exhausting and mentally challenging. If you are having a difficult time making decisions about what to keep, what to part with; talk to someone, ask for help. Remind yourself throughout the process that your goal is not to get rid of everything you hold dear, but to simplify your life.

If you are considering downsizing you will have questions......Should I sell first and then buy? or buy first and then sell? When is a good time for me to do this? And you will want answers along with professional advice. Now is a good time to talk to me. I can help provide professional advice on the marketability of your current home and help finding just the right new one.

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Tricia Greer

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