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Common home reno mistakes

Home improvement projects can turn a house into a home. Homeowners plan scores of renovations to transform living spaces into rooms that reflect their personal tastes and comforts. Homeowners going it alone may find things do not always go as planned. In fact, a Harris Interactive study found that 85 per cent of homeowners say remodeling is a more stressful undertaking than buying a home. But homeowners ...

TO ALL my clients - Thank you for your referrals last year! Welcome 2015

TO ALL my clients - Thank you for your referrals last year!It is a great feeling to have such a loyal group of clients and friends that support my services and send me referrals! I enjoy working with each and every one of you that put your trust and loyalty in my hands.  Its a great Privilege! I look forward to another sucessfull year finding your friends and family homes in the Metro area of ...

One Thousand Jobs in Alberta

Here in the Halifax Regional Municipality, we are hearing on the news that, because of the drastic fall in the price of crude oil in the world market, there could be one thousand jobs lost in Alberta's Oil Patch. Many workers coming from all across Canada will be affected by this cut back. A lot of these same workers have been commuting from Nova Scotia. Everyone I talk to is calling for doom ...

Deep in the Heart of Winter

Mid January and winter has settled in.  Interest rates are still low and the market couldn't be better for buyers.  With the large inventory of homes on the market, competition is at the forefront, so the motivated sellers have their homes maintained and showing beautifully.  With oil production low in the west, it is predicted that many Maritimers will be heading back to Nova Scotia ...

What Does our 2015 Market look like?

According to the article Our economy is looking "Rosy"!  Well that's good new for all home buyers and for our sellers too!!

The Benefits of The Real Estate Book!

Why do agents use the Real Estate Book to advertise your home?  Well I'm glad you asked! The Real Estate Book helps agents display your home effectively and helps buyers find a place to call home.  When we advertise with the Real Estate Book, you are involved with the following:- 700 +/- distribution points- 32,000 books printed per issue- 1-800 Moving Hotline- Corporate Relocation- Online ...

Its time to start controling your heat!

To save money on heating costs - think about your systems and follow through with your energy savings ideas.  I have attached a clip to get you started!  Yes.. the nest are best!

Fall Maintenance Checks - Exterior

Fall is in its prime, and beauty is all around us with the vibrant colours of the changing leaves.  The days are still warm, but the evenings chilly.  It's the best time to prepare for winter before the first frost sets in.  Homeowners should keep a few things in mind for maintenance to keep our home running at peak performance: Exterior Maintenance for Fall: -Windows and Doors. Check ...

Fall Decorating!

It's that time of year again!  The most colourful time of year!  My favourite time of year!  Yours too??  A lot of people are unaware of what fall decorating is and how it can help boost your happiness and make your home look beautiful (a warm up to the Christmas colors as well!).  The most useful and lasting decorations that you can use are the fall twigs with hydrangeas, ...

Wondering How to Decrease Your Power Bill?

Did you know that you can do several things yourself to keep your power bill down?  Here's some helpful hints! 1)  Ensure the condenser coils on your fridge are good and clean!  These are found on the back or under side of your fridge and is what the fridge uses to transfer heat out of the fridge. These coils naturally collect dust, dirt and pet fur, and can become coated quite quickly ...