7 Most Effective Suggestions for Staging your Entrance

It is vital that this area of the house allow for a memorable impression; it could make or break your potential buyer’s decision.  Intentionally or not, if a buyer has a negative impression of the interior, they will look at negative aspects of the house, and look at the positive if they are impressed. 


  1.       Typically found in most homes are up to five areas which can be seen from this vantage point so it is important to make a big impact.  Stand in the doorway and assess where these are and keep them in mind when arranging furniture or choosing color in adjacent rooms.

  1.       Keep a clear path and sight lines to allow buyers to focus on space and not where they are walking so keep the space simple.  Clutter will close in a room and may cause a person to feel off balance and uncomfortable especially in hallways and foyers.

  1.       Ensure all five senses are considered and you can’t go wrong, but above all else make sure there are no odours.  These can consist of cooking, baby, animal, smoke, perfumes, mildew etc.  There have been buyers who don’t go any further if the odour is bad, they’ll leave to view the next home instead.

  1.       The entrance closet is also important to keep organized and minimized with only those items you will use every day.  It is a good sign if potential buyers are opening doors.  They are assessing whether the house will meet their needs, so allow them to see there is enough storage space.

  1.       As much as an area rug is a welcoming touch, it also creates an invisible barrier.  You can imagine three or four people coming into an entrance struggling to stay on the rug especially during rainy days.  If you find it necessary to have an area rug make it a large one to accommodate more than three people.

  1.       If there is sufficient room, make available a place to sit for those who have trouble putting shoes on while standing.  It is also acceptable to post a sign “Please remove your shoes” to ensure floors stay clean.

  1.       Wash the floor with a pleasant smelling detergent such as orange or green apple before every open house to welcome potential buyers with a very clean smelling home that will give them the impression the house is well cared for without knocking them over with a plug in or spray.


It’s one thing to read tips and tricks to getting your home ready for the real estate market, it’s quite another to actually see before/after pictures to demonstrate results. In this and following blogs, I’m going to demonstrate results of suggestions to the various areas that are important to pay attention to.

Before after photos of entrance


All coats, shoes and furnishings were removed and a vignette was created to welcome guests.  The mirror was placed 90 degrees to the window to reflect the light in and the area rug was removed. A bouquet of flowers was a friendly welcome upon a table to place keys and such. 


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I hope this helps. Do you have any suggestions to add? What would you do differently? 


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