A 5 Year Look at the Real Estate Market of Bedford, Nova Scotia

Bedford, Nova Scotia Home Prices  - A Five Year Look

This is the first installment of many blogs to come, outlining five year comparisons of market performance in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) and will be broken down into segments as previously described in my previous post 2013 Market Trends in Halifax Nova Scotia.  Once this series is complete, I'll combine the various segments into one complete 5 year analysis of the HRM. This will provide an opportunity to compare performance against neighbourhoods.

It really doesn't matter in what sequence to do these so I decided to look into Bedford (Area 20) first, well because I live there and because I was surprised to see an area with the second highest in average property values took longer to sell. Was it just isolated to 2013?

 Average residential property values for Bedford, Nova Scotia

The five year average selling prices are as follows: 


 $  401,696.07


 $  421,061.02


 $  396,106.23


 $  375,798.05


 $  338,952.31

A healthy 15.6% increase over
5 years.

  Residential property days on market for Bedford, Nova Scotia

The average days on market indicates a slower turnover
from when a property is listed. 

When compared to previous years, 2013 took the longest
to sell and hopefully the end of
this trend because 2014 is
expected to be a more active

Higher priced homes tend to
take a little longer to sell but
selling before 6 months in a
sellers market is still good


 Property sold in Bedford Nova Scotia over the past 5 years

This chart shows the most
popular time to sell is the 2nd
and 3rd quarter but don't let
that fool you. Read about the
answer to the aged old ques-
tion, when is the best time to
 I was surprised by the
results and I think you will
be too. 

If you would like statistical details the charts are based on, detailed information on how your property compares or effective marketing strategies to help sell faster, call or text me at 902-229-5799 or email me.



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