A 5 Year Look at the Real Estate Market of South End Halifax, NS

South End Halifax, Nova Scotia 
Single Family Home Prices
  A Five Year Look

Real estate market data for the Halifax Regional Municipality provided by Tina Parker of Century21 Trident Realty in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. All data are from the MLS system are used for general purposes only and not to be used without written permission. 

This post is looking into the MLS area of 2 so if you’re currently looking to buy in the area, you’ll have a good reference.

This is one of several market reports taking a five year look into market performance in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) and will be broken down into segments as previously described in my previous post 2013 Market Trends in Halifax Nova Scotia

Once this series is complete, I'll combine the various segments into one complete 5 year analysis of the HRM as a whole to provide a detailed look into how each part of HRM has performed against each other.


The five year average selling prices are as follows:

2013  $ 714,337.32    1%
2012  $ 708,065.01    3%
2011  $ 688,941.63    7%
2010  $ 642,956.57    4%
2009  $ 615,612.87  

A healthy 15% increase over 5 years.


The average days on market indicates a slower turnover from when a property is listed but when compared to previous years, you can see this area of the city is fairly stable.

Taking an average (over 5 years) 83 days to sell is still good performance.


This chart shows the most popular time to sell is the 2nd quarter but still pretty stable throughout the year.

The stats for the 2nd quarter of 2009 was double checked and yes, it sold 48 residential, single family detached homes.


As with all parts of HRM, the first two quarters of 2012 was affected by a November 2011 announcement of Halifax being awarded the 25 billion dollar shipbuilding contract.

If you would like statistical details the charts are based on, detailed information on how your property compares or effective marketing strategies to help sell faster, call or text me at 902-229-5799 or email me.

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