A Day in the Life of Century 21 Trident - March 27, 2015

A Day in the Life of Century 21 Trident - March 27, 2015

Well, here we are – finally!!  
Friday afternoon, 4:30PM and another busy work week is winding down into a nice dull roar to start the weekend.

The Good:
- We had a few new listings hit the market today and a couple of deals firmed up.It was a productive day for our agents.
- All agents on Duty showed up and fulfilled their duty requirements which in turn makes our administration staff happy as there is always someone to rely on!
- The snow has taken a beating from the rain and we can finally see around most snow banks!Makes it safer for our travelling agents.Always concerned about the safety of them first!

The Bad:
Just a small thing – is it me, or does the whole world seem slightly on the grumpy side today?Must be the weather report that we are receiving for tomorrow… which brings me to my next topic…

The Ugly:
Raise your hand if you heard the forecast for tomorrow… *sigh* more snow.Insert my sad face emoticon here.Let’s hope that it they are all wrong and it’s just more beautiful rain to bring Spring!

Now – lets view a cute video to forget about snow… Click Here

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