A Day in the Life of Century 21 Trident Realty - April 14th, 2015

A Day in the Life of Century 21 Trident Realty - April 14th, 2015

Happy Rainey Tuesday!  Can you believe it!?!  April 14th already and there's still plenty of snow on the ground!  If you go to the right areas (i.e Cape Breton Highlands CLICK HERE for more information) you can still go snowmobiling!!

The Somber Moment - yesterday this office took a huge blow, as did the Real Estate World.  We bid our final farewell to a beautiful lady.  The stories flowed of happy times and smiles and laughter.  RIP Lorraine Godding, you will forever be remembered, loved and missed. 

The Good:
- Who ever thought I would say this - YAY TO RAIN!!!!!!  The snow banks are taking a huge hit and it's good to see the icky grass under it... I even have my tulips starting to come up in my garden.  Sweet, sweet spring!
- We had our morning meeting with guest speakers Doug Wheatley of Housemasters and Chris Ryan from Exact Deposit with a great turn out from our Agents.
- During our meeting we also had muffins and coffee from Second Cup Portland Street!  Thanks!  DELISH!
- We welcomed our newest agent Mike McLeod!  We are so excited to have you on board.
- Lots of new listings hitting the market this week!

The Bad:
Nothing to report in this category today!

The Ugly:
As beautiful as our city is - we still have the dirty, dirty snow surrounding this fair city of ours.  Guess we are lucky that there is sunshine for the next few days to try and take care of the rest!

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