Buyers are the lucky ones in this Market

If any first time buyers are seriously thinking of becoming home owners, this is the time.  Our region in the Halifax Regional Municipality is going through a buyers' market where there is more on the market than there are buyers which makes a perfect ground for buyers ... with lots of homes  to chose from and prices competitive.  Interest rates are still low and sellers are jockying for selling position.  Next year when the region sees jobs being created with the Ships Building Contract, then this situation could change to a sellers' market and the bargains buyers see this year will be gone.  I urge first time buyers to contact a REALTOR and get the process going.  If you are renting, make sure you get on a month to month lease.  Usually the first year of a lease is yearly with tenants having to give notice prior to 3 months of the anniversary date to vacate.  The second year of the lease will remain on the same terms unless you give notice prior to 3 months before your anniversary date where you will ask to be put on a month to month lease.  Then, you only would have to give one month's notice to vacate.  Your Realtor will help you with these details plus advise you with financing approval and help you every step of the way ... no cost to a first time buyer as the seller usually pays the Realtor's commission.  A win win situation for the buyer.  Now is the time to become a home owner.

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