Change is the First Step in Selling Property

When thinking about selling your home, the hardest thing to do is to decide where to start. You`ll have to have a shift in your thinking and you will also need to make some physical changes inside and outside your property.

We’ve been making a few changes in the office recently and there is a noticeable shift that has taken place. A few of us have switched work spaces and we’ve moved furniture around. I must say that life has been much more productive since this has taken place. Maybe it’s the physical proximity to the people I work with most, but I feel more in tune with the true office dynamic. I am already more in control of my day and better able to focus.

If you are thinking of selling your home, this would be an excellent time to begin the process of changing from homeowner to home-seller. Making a few adjustments will help you get in the mindset of seeing your space in a new light. Remember, when you are moving, you`ll need to present your house in a way that other people will aspire to live in it, not the way you currently use the space. This may mean rearranging your furniture, de-cluttering and temporarily storing some of your stuff elsewhere.

Here are the first steps to take inside and out before you list:

Declutter. This includes getting rid of those bookcases of Disney videos and old electronics and taking down the knicknacks. Make sure your kitchen counters are cleared off and you find a place to store anything you don`t need to function on the day-to-day. Clean up basements and garages so that buyers can see how much storage and living space is available.

Depersonalize. Take down anything that reflects your personal taste or family life. Remove most of your photos , awards, artwork and collectibles. Leave a few key items that make the space look homey and lived in, but much can be packed up and stored until you move into a new place.

Refresh. Paint your home in neutral colours so that potential buyers can see how their furniture and belongings will fit in. You might love your red kitchen, but others may find the colour too distracting and overpowering. A fresh coat of paint will cover imperfections and help others see the potential and improve the overall impression.

Redistribute. Move your furniture around to make the best use of the space. You may like your sofa in the middle of the room so that you can see the TV better, but others will need to feel that the layout is open and unobstructed. Keep the area by the windows free and make sure the rooms feel balanced and everything is easily accessible. You may have to put some items in storage temporarily.

Repair. Address any minor issues that you are able to. Fix the broken tiles on the floor, fill the holes and cracks in the walls, wash the windows, caulk the tub and replace light bulbs.

Clean. Give your whole space a thorough cleaning so that you will be prepared to keep the place spic and span during the time it is listed. If you don`t have a lot of free time, hire a company to come in and help or enlist family and friends.

After you do all this, there may still be some things you`ll want to work on, such as landscaping or staging, but taking these first steps will help you get into the right frame of mind to engage in the selling process.

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