Digging out in Halifax

Thank God Spring has finally arrived in Halifax Nova Scotia! This has really been a tough Winter for anyone trying to get around. Spring Break has just finished, but the schools remained closed as there was just too much snow in the lots, on the roofs, and many of the side walks have yet to be cleared. With the snow banks up as high as three meters (twelve feet) in some areas: its just too dangerous for the little ones.

If the snow ever does melt away, we have a lot of pent up buyers and sellers who should be chomping at the bit to get moving. With the Coast Guard Ship Contract signed, and workers being recalled to the Halifax Ship Yard, I believe that confidence in the Halifax Dartmouth Real Estate Market should go up a few notches. It has been very slow for almost three (3) years now, and unlike other parts of the country, we are, in my opinion, under value. According to C.M.H.C. we have already made the "soft landing".

All in all, if the snow ever does reseed from the Halifax metro area, we REALTORS® will be quite busy, and am I ever looking forward to it.

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