Fall Maintenance Checks - Exterior

Fall is in its prime, and beauty is all around us with the vibrant colours of the changing leaves.  The days are still warm, but the evenings chilly.  It's the best time to prepare for winter before the first frost sets in.  Homeowners should keep a few things in mind for maintenance to keep our home running at peak performance:

Exterior Maintenance for Fall:

-Windows and Doors. Check and caulk around windows  to prevent heat from escaping, and cold from entering.  Replace weatherstripping if necessary.  Remove and store window screens.  Spray with a protective coating to prolong its life.

-Roof.  Inspect  for missing and loose shingles to prevent water damage which can lead to deterioration of insulation, wood and drywall, and compromise electrical and plumbing.  Ice, snow, rain and wind wreak havoc on roofs.

-Gutters.   Clean gutters and downspouts to avoid ice dams, and further water damage.  Recaulk and realign if necessary, enabling the  water to drain to the downspout.  

-Foundation.  Check for cracks. Caulk and seal openings  where masonry meets siding, or where pipes and wires enter the house.  Caulking is one of the least expensive masonry jobs.  This also helps to prevent unwanted rodents from entering during the colder months.

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