HRM Average Days on Market is 101 days. Mine? 36!

WANTED: A homeowner who hates the idea of having to sell their home.

You are my favourite type of client! It's a lot of work I know, but I love working with homeowners who just want the whole process done and over with and are willing to do the work to get results.

Right now, Halifax Regional Municipality average days on market is 101 days averaged over the past two years, which have been a buyer's market. My average?, 46 with 10 of those days used to meet all conditions, so an average 36 days on market. Several of these properties were sold before the sign made it on to the yard!

Here's my winning formula:

  1. I visit months or weeks prior to listing to provide a Merchandizing Consultation with written report that provides a list of things that will improve value and lower days on market.
  2. One week prior, I visit again to get paperwork signed and do a Home Staging Consultation with written report that provides a list of suggestions to address traffic flow, balance and composition.
  3. If required and/or preferred, I throw on my jeans to help stage the house for maximum appeal.
  4. Take awesome photos, create stunning brochures and custom marketing plan.
  5. List, put the sign on the property and implement marketing plan.

I've proven this approach successful and less stressful many times. 

So hate the thought of selling? Call me, I'd love to work with you!

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