Halifax is Making a Difference - But There's More We Can Do

Garbage.  An ugly topic and one that desperately needs attention. Our environment has increasingly become affected by household waste we create and diversion from landfills is a positive step toward a solution.

We in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM)Halifax Regional Municipality are very proud of our world-class waste resource management program and we should be; after all, the citizens of HRM designed the entire program! The program is easy to follow, and this page explains how it all works. Watch this video to learn more about the system in place that diverts items from the landfill.

Here are just a few important links to learn more about our residential garbage collection in the HRM:

Residential Garbage Collection

What goes where?

How to prepare

How it works for condominium owners

What plastics are recycled?

Household special waste

Organics Green Cart & Garbage Collection Schedule


The HRM is currently looking for options for evolving HRM's waste system and have developed a website, Shape Your City Halifax to engage residents.  Here's a short Shape Your Cityvideo demonstrating how our city works and what we want to accomplish. Please click here to register to get involved.

It seems complicated because it may be new to you but it really isn't once you've changed your habits of what you do with your household waste.

Thank you for reading and wanting to help us make a difference. If you have any questions that I can help you with, please feel free to contact me.

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