Halifax's 311! Fantastic Source of Information!

I'm a news junkie and I search sites frequently for information to, well, keep informed but also to pass along information to clients, friends and family.Halifax Regional Municipality Logo

I often find myself on the Halifax.ca website and am always amazed at the detailed information that is there.

The best page I've located for new residents of the Halifax Regional Municipality or for people who, like me, have lived here their whole lives, is a new avenue to a multitude of information found through the HRM Citizens Contact Centres.

More than a telephone number, 311 is a direct connection to important municipal services and information. The 311 Citizen Contact Centres include a call centre, five customer service centres, and a new resource for submitting online service requests.

Whether you prefer to phone-in, walk-in, or connect on-line, you'll find it at 311.

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