Is spring really here ...

Dare I hope the ice will be off the lake this week and final little piles of snow gone!  I see the birds making nests so it is spring but oh, such a late one.  The Northumberland Strait still has ice from the north shore of Nova Scotia to Amet's Island and with the 10 cms of snow earlier this week, the lanes to the cottages are still packed full of snow.  The good news is, despite this late spring, I see activity in the marketplace.  If you have your home listed, now is the time to spruce up the outside and if the house needs to be pressure washed, then get it done.  If you are buying, get preapproved and start shopping before the busy spring buying commences which may drive the prices upward.  The interest rates couldn't be better so now is the time to take advantage of this perfect equation.

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