Landscape to Add Value

If you are itching to add value to your home, consider landscaping.  Landscaping projects can vary greatly in cost, while offering better opportunity for anxious homeowners to manage a large part of the project themselves.  This will dramatically increase their ROI (Return on Investment)

If you are considering selling your home, you will want good curb appeal - A well landscaped home will give would-be purchasers that good first impression - this can lead to a quicker sale.

Flowers - whether improving an existing flower bed or creating a new one, flowers bring colour to your yard, add a pleasant fragrance to the air, and attract birds and butterflies. Discuss your thoughts, budget and site factors with a local nursery.

Mulch - the simplest and leat expensive way to make a big impact to your property.  Mulch is an eco-friendly choice and can define spaces, add colour and texture, save you time and dramatically change the overall look of your yard.

Lawns - From simple over-seeding to thicken the grass to filling in patches to resodding, improving your lawn often involves labour you can provide yourself.

Shrubs and trees - they add colour and texture and can even block out unsightly neighouring yards and houses.  This could likely be the most costly landscaping project, so give careful consideration in your planning and your budget.


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