My forcast for 2014 in Nova Scotia

Unlike some parts of Canada, 2013 was not a bumper year for Real Estate in the Nova Scotia. It is my humble opinion, however, that this should change as we get closer and closer to 2015. The good folks at the Irving Ship Yard in Halifax are scheduled to start cutting steel for our new Canadian Naval Fleet. I may be wrong, but I really believe that we will see more buyers come on stream and that prices will increase.

Most folks want to get in on the ground floor when there is a boom, but usually wait until the elevator is headed up a few floors before they get in, and only wish that they had moved when they first had the chance. Its natural, we are nervous about making a large investment, we don't make a move until we see everyone else moving, and we don't want to get left behind, but if the prices rise too quickly we could be.

With interest rates still very reasonable, and money available for investment, we should get positive and give the market a little shot in the arm with our own enthusiasm. Best of luck to all in 2014.

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