Power of the Internet

Buyers of real estate today are taking their searches and their methods to entirely new levels, thanks to the internet.  Buyers want access to instant information that is free, and they do not want the kind of uncomfortable situation that occurs when they have to pick up the phone.

The reasons for this change - First, the internet has given consumers the ability to search the multiple listing service in their target markets at no cost anytime of the day or night.  Second, there is a cultural shift occurring that is fueled by consumers.  Technology has ficilitated consumers' desires to move away from traditional high pressure sales and from traditional advertising.  Buyers do not like being force fed news and advertising without choice.  They don't like being told what to do.

Even the news that consumers are reading is part of this cultural change.  They are shifting from print newspapers to the internet at the speed of light, and are loving the fact that they can get to choose what news to read.

Home buyers can search a map based on information from the multiple listing service, they can search areas of interest with a google search, they can view photos of houses and the area andthey can find the REALTOR™ - All from the comfort of their home. 

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